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"Expect a Miracle" Tesla Purple Free Energy Bracelet

"Expect a Miracle" Tesla Purple Free Energy Bracelet

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Back by popular demand here is the Expect a Miracle Free Energy Bracelet!
All the power of the purple energy plates wrapped around your wrist. Great way to get the energy flow through the body. The bracelets are treated and charged using the same method as the plates. Emitting the free energy frequency through your entire body. Get yours today!

  • Bracelet Dimensions L 6.25" X W 5/8
  • Limited Stock Available
  • Inspired by Ralph Bergstresser & Nikola Tesla
  • Written about by Linda Goodman
  • Hand Made - Aluminum
  • Increased energy
  • Positive effect on human organism, plants, and animals

Uses for the purple plates

With continued personal use you'll discover countless others.

1. Place a small sized plate in a pocket or purse for more energy. (No body contact is necessary.

2. Place large plate in refrigerator (center shelf is best.) Food, with the exception of fresh meat and fish, will stay fresh longer.

3. Place beneath sick house plants, or water sick plants with water which has been placed on plate overnight.

4. Place small disc on pets collar in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.

5. To energize crystals, place on purple plate for 12 hours.

6. Use the plate on injured area of any living thing.

7. Travelers can carry a small plate to energize their drinking water and eliminate illness and stomach upsets.

8. Small plate placed on forehead to alleviate headache pain, on joints to alleviate gout and arthritis pain, on stomach to stop nausea.

9. Placed on forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams. Also place on forehead to promote deeper meditation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peggy Amirael Farge
Nice and pretty

Fit à Little big on my tiny wrist lol. But it’s doing what it is supposed to do

Nancy Pynn
Miracle Energy Bracelet & Plates

I have purchased all the different Tesla Purple Plates and just recently, the bracelet. I have noticed more energy since wearing it and really noticed a huge difference when I took it off and missed the entire day without it yesterday.
I felt exhausted in the afternoon and couldn't figure out why. I had trouble motivating myself to do's back on my wrist today and won't be coming off! I would also like to comment on the small plates...they are amazing! I have arthritis starting in my right shoulder and sleeping with 1 under and another over my shoulder removes the pain for the entire day. I originally bought 2 small discs when I heard about them...the pain in my shoulder was unbearable & constant. I wore the 2 discs all day taped to my shoulder and after 2 days the pain was gone...I was absolutely amazed ! Now I sleep with 4 plates, 2 around my shoulder, 1 on my hip and 1 between my knees for arthritis a the 12"x12" under my mattress. I feel energized and pain free throughout the day. I also have used plates on my forehead and back of my neck when I woke with a painful headache and it was gone after 20 mins. No painkillers required. These plates are Amazing and I am Sooooo glad I purchased them. I Highly Recommend all of them !


I love this bracelet.


Mom acts better, more calm.