See what People Are Saying About Purple Plates.

"We tested your small and large Purple Tesla Plates and found them superior to the competition. The large plate worked particularly well keeping food fresh when placed at the bottom of therefrigerator."

-Verve Technology, Charles Singer

"Your product has really changed my life! Not only has it shown a profound effect on me, but I've noticed my family is now in
a better mood and the vibes given off from this thing are showing that it is working"

Franklin T. MacDonald, Ashville, TN

"I am a HUGE USER of Purple Positive Energy Plates. I have found another dimension using them. They have healed me, friends, family, and clients of 1,000's of ailments."

Farley M. Los Angeles, CA

" I have some lovely feedback regarding Purple Plates! Daemon Magus is my mentor and teacher. Recently, I was diagnosed with stage spondylolisthesis, with arthritis and stenosis in my lower back. Daemon had an epiphany. I had responded well to his placing of a purple disk over another area in my spine before all this happened. So, he placed his Tong Ren statue on top of a purple plate, and began a lengthy and focused series of tapping sessions to relieve my pain and restore some of my mobility. AND BOY DID IT WORK!!!! I am, right now, pain-free. The purple plate turned his healing efforts up to eleven. The doll is far more effective when amplified by your plates. They are most definitely the genuine article. Please feel free to post my review on your website and use it.

-Samantha L. N.

" I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my two orders of the energy kit and purple disc and bracelet. The energy kit was worth much more than the price. I had enough for myself and to share. I would highly recommend all of the products I received. Thank you.

-Patricia S. is absolutely incredible and I recommend and anyone and everyone to purchase anything that they sell considering that it's not expensive and it works- I know many others who have purchased items from and have benefitted from them greatly. Buy their products because they are reasonably priced, and they work wonders.

-RC T. Bronx, NY

" Long story short, I am very pleased with the plates -I stuck one in my girlie's (who is pretty add-ish) backpack, she is now superhappy to learn and her energy has become very loving, she has much less frustration.. My animals are much more composed -they were very anxious, all rescued), A 26 day cleanse I took went with zero glitches, work is doing great, etc etc. But I am writing because I happen to be a follower of Utsava and was dismayed at the "company controversy". However after seeing their "BEWARES", I decided to checked your side as well... and am VERY convinced by the way you explain it! (And so are my dowsing rods) I think you are quite right."

-Claudia C.

"I have the large plate under my mattress to help with mobility issues. It is a life changer. I can feel myself able to get out of bed in a new way. Arthritis and chronic pain are real. The plate helps me deal with the day by increasing my mobility."

-Alison M.

"I first used a Purple Plate over twenty years ago. My Dad bought one for me and I’ve always been fascinated with them and kept one with me wherever I go. I started studying Reiki several years ago and am now a Reiki Master. I use healing energy all the time but had forgotten about the energy in the Purple Plates. I just got one yesterday from Purpleplates.Com and held it in my palm. I was amazed at the energy I could feel, even in a small pendant. I am impressed with the power of these Plates and am planning to make mine into a necklace to wear. I’m so glad that these wonderful Plates are still being made. You can carry the energy with you easily and always. I recommend these for purifying food and water as well. Thanks,"
-Shari Rood

" I want to tell you how much your products helped. I have a torn rotator cuff and it is painful and limits my motion. Within 24 hrs of wearing the quartz bracelet with purple disk the pain was completely gone. A boy who had brain surgery for a tumor and is now prone to headaches asked if he could use the small plate. It helped him and I gave it to him. I ordered today the disk with hematite necklace. Do the “free energy” bracelets you have , are they the same as the purple disks and plates even though they are not purple in color? (Yes, the Energy Bracelets have the same properties as the Purple Plates & Bracelets, -PP) Thank you for your time and help. Thank you for a miracle product."
-Karen D. - NJ, USA

" I just received a purple plate pendant from a good friend of mine and I was a pretty huge skeptic and was sure this stuff was absolute crap, but I was wrong! Your product has really changed my life! Not only has it shown a profound effect on me, but I've noticed my family is now in a better mood and the vibes given off from this thing are showing that it is working, I also placed the plate under a cup of water and it made the water taste so much fresher and crisp. My 3 year old cousin said something to me the other day that completely shocked me, she said she could feel the pendant shaking and it really freaked her out, is there something that children can see and hear that us adults can't? I'm amazed! thank you for this amazing product!"
-Franklin T. MacDonald, Ashville, TN

"I have a story to tell you. I had been having my pain in my abdomen and was successfully using a Small plate to ease the pain before my scheduled surgery. I had to get X-rays of my torso area before the operation, and on the X Ray there was an illuminated rectangle area on the X-Rays in the shape of the plate I had been using for the pain! The technician was mystified, but I knew exactly what it was- the energy was still there, helping with the pain. I found this to be amazing & now I have proof that the energy works! THANK YOU!"

-Thomas Mc Nair, Washington, DC

"I wanted to let you know that ever since I put the disks on my cats' collars, they seem to be getting along better! Alley (photo I sent you last week) is a feral TNR cat I bought in to live with us four years ago, and this is my crazy 11-year-old Ouija: I am totally convinced that the positive energy emanating from these disks is working! Alley and Ouija are friendlier with each other than I ever thought they would be! You've made a believer out of me, that's for sure."
- Best, Judy

"I wanted to thank you for the quick service. I placed my order on Tuesday and received it on Saturday. Due to a situation that is outside of my control, I've been extremely tense and stressed for the last few months, and horribly irritable and argumentative with everybody. My stomach always hurts, my chest feels tight and I've had trouble breathing. I put the small plate on my belly and within a few minutes the pain was gone. Then I put the disk on my forehead covering my 3rd eye. I just kept feeling like I needed it there. I was trying to figure out a way to keep it there with maybe a leather or elastic band and amazingly... it stayed there all by itself. I can turn my head, get up and walk around, shake and nod and it sticks. All day long I felt wrung out and all I wanted to do was cry. Every time I took it off I felt like I had to put it back. When I laid down to go to sleep I took it off figuring I'd for sure lose it in my sleep but I felt I had to put it back on. When I woke up this morning it was still there, stuck to my forehead, and for the first time in months I FEEL GREAT! For the first time in months I'm not angry. The irritants are still there,just as annoying as ever, but they aren't bothering me today. I guess the disk will fall off when I don't need it anymore - I just have to remember to take it off before I go where anyone can see me. It does look a bit odd up there!

Thank you so much! -Theresa

“After using the plates for the first time yesterday, I woke up at such a high level of vibration I called three of my good friends and told them to place orders asap. It's going to be fun to experience a continued flow on the airplane. Love this energy. We've got to find a way to light up our homes and offices with it as Tesla intended. I'm having fun putting photo's of family and friends on the large plate for 15 minutes at a time, including some tribes I met in Africa during my photo safari there, and Indonesia, and our President. We need to wake up and see what's really happening so this country can be a part of the change. I know we can be the change we want to see, and live in a space where it's a win-win. We will get there and your products are supporting us.peace and blessings- stay forever young.
-Ella Croney (Author of "Stay Young Forever" )

"I bought a small plate 2 mths ago & put it in my wallet (having bad money problems) in hopes that it would help me gain money. Almost immediately I was getting funds that came from various sources, all unexpected. Since then I have not had money problems, thankfully! Also, my wallet was stolen (it had the plate in it still) and the next day they found the thief, and the wallet was returned with all the money that had been in it. I don't know if it was because of the plate, but I wouldn't be surprised! Thank you SO much!!"

-Allison Murchie Southampton, MA

Linda Goodman wrote this---"The only pain or discomfort the purple energy force field has not relieved, in my personal observation for more than ten years, is the pain caused by a twisted muscle, a slipped disc, or misplaced vertebra." But this is not true. I had experienced Disc Prolapse/Slipped Disc, when I bend down to brush my teeth at the wash basin. Since I was in so much pain that I could not even go to the doctor, I put the Large Purple plate under my back, and slept on it. Within 2 days my pain diminished considerably, I could sit up, and I did not need any physiotherapy also. You may publish it as a testimony, so it can help others.
-Love, Freida Edwards Holistic Healer

"A friend of mine recently got me a purple plate bracelet. I read about these in Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Being a fan of Nikola Tesla also, it didn't take much for me to believe these plates work. Upon wearing my bracelet, I no longer have pain or discomfort in my wrist and i believe an old elbow injury is finally healing also. A friend of mine placed the bracelet against various parts of her body that NORMALLY are in pain and she was surprised to have instant relief. Your products are truly amazing and I have no doubt about their authenticity. Free energy really is the way of the future. Thanks so much for your work and dedication."
-Sincerely, A.Tieff

Wow! 10 min. after I received my order form you I placed a "Purple Energy Plate" on my Daughter who was asleep. She normally takes 10 min. or so to wake up. After about 3 min. with the "Purple Energy Plate" on her she woke up and about 2 min. later she was all bubbly and saying how good she felt. My wife has had a mellow case of sleep apnea and used to snore all night and it was really difficult to wake her up anytime. Now, just the slightest giggle wakes her up after only 5 days using the "Purple Energy Plate" - I am 60 and 4 years ago I fell and broke my hip. Then 2 surgeries, and I have limped terribly since, and been in extreme pain. After one week I am nearly pain free and can walk normally.. Wow I love it. I was a Therapist for 30 years, and have tried everything I could find for the past 3 years. This is it! I have found a key to my using it.... I Tap it to activate it for 30 sec. or so and with 3 fingers while on the needed area. Then I leave it on as long as I choose. Yessssss! All Right. Thank You!

-K. Thomas - Oregon

"I don't know how many people mail you their positive results from the purple energy plates, but I can attest to their positive results! I put the small purple plate, 4 and 1/2 x2 and 3/4 under my pillow, and noticed a humming sound that I took to be the raising of my vibration level. When I lay with my eyes closed, I saw a purple fluid-like energy flowing. My dreams were very profound, vivid, and easy to recollect upon awakening. I also didn't sleep much at first. I gave a disc to my elderly uncle, who was having problems with his legs and a bad knee. He would sometimes fall and get bruised. He put the purple disc in his pocket, and said he noticed a difference in his legs! They were better! I also gave one to my 81 year old mother, who has low energy from tending my invalid father, and she said she felt better after she carried it on her body. She decided to put it under my father, who has Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, and has had several mini-strokes. He became more vibrant, and alert from having it under his pillow. Just wanted to share this with you.
Thanks- Sincerely,

-Elaine Nowell

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year and soon found myself struggling through treatment after treatment and it wasn't looking good for me then. Then I saw your your product and liked the idea of it but was somewhat apprehensive about it at first. I soon decided to get one "just for the heck of it" not expecting too much out of it, just wanting it for the idea and because it seemed like a good idea. But soon after I started using it I could feel a huge difference in my attitude and how I lived my life. About two months after buying it, to much of my and the doctors dismay, my cancer was completely gone! I felt a rush of relief over me like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I know that it can't be scientifically proved, but I know that the plate had something(or everything) to do with it, I am sure of it on my mother's grave. I just wanted to thank you and everything you have done for my life and my family. I now highly recommend your products to all of my friends if they are having any troubles or if life is just dragging them down.

Thank you for everything.

-Robert Jackson

I purchased my first Purple Plate in 1995. I had an injury on my left wrist from waitressing for many years that flared up from time to time making it necessary for me towear a brace for up to 6 weeks at a time. I decided toplace theplate onmy wrist and this is what happened. Within 15 secondsI felt intense pain in my wrist that actually brought me to my knees,I knew it was healing me.It felt as ifthe injury was being "pulled" from me! The pain stopped within 1 minute and I HAVE NEVER AGAIN HAD A RECURRENCE OF THAT INJURY!! PETS- Our new kitten was attackedby the family dog.As it lay limp and lifeless in my hand( even though I thought it was too late) I went for the Purple Plate. I placed it ontop of him. To my amazement and my children's, our kitten sprung up within a minute and actually ran awaytohide behind the couch! There were no permanentinjuries. Our older cat Cosmo had disappeared. When he finally came home, his tail was brokenalong with other injuries. As I placed The PurplePlate carefully on his tail, his tail twitched but he allowed it to remain on him.His recovery was almost instantaneous. His tail was no longer bent! To date:I heard that a neighbor was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. I had never met "Karen" before. I didn't have a Purple Plate at the time, onlya Purple Angel necklace. Last week I saw the necklace hanging in the bathroom and knew I had to give it to Karen. She must have thought I was a nut case when I knocked on her door, introduced myself and asked if she believed in miracles. She said she did. I put the necklace on her. Since then she has called me EVERYDAY to thank me for the necklace. She says her energy level is up, she only feels the need to take her side effect medication about every 4 days instead of twice daily and her overall attitude is a positive one. I have heard the Purple Plate reacts differently on different people. The sensation felt seems to be either a pain, a tingling or an electrical charge. BELIEVE.......THE PURPLE PLATE WORKS MIRACLES.

-Patricia Sullivan Palmdale CA

My husband had a lump under his right bicep. A surgeon went in to remove it and said that it had tentacle like roots wrapped all around the muscle. He could not remove it at the time and rescheduled a more intense surgery. We were very afraid that a biopsy of this would find cancer and kept the purple plate on the spot until he went back in for surgery. We'd hoped it would remove the cancer from the tumor if there was any. What we could never have guessed, and to the Doctor's disbelief, it was GONE. There was no tumor with long tenticles wrapped around his muscle. after that surgery. there was no more lump. I use it for migraines and cramps.It's always worked. I've used it for protection by keeping it in my purse. Currently we are using it to heal my husband's nerves after back surgery. When the pain got so bad that the pills didn't touch it. I remembered "the Purple Plate'. It's been under him for 24 hours and his pain has decreased. Even though he was a benefitor of the biggest PEP miracle I'd witnessed he still has a skeptical side. Thankfully his mind is able to be pryed open enough to allow this magical healing that it has to offer.
The Purple Energy Plate doesn't care whether or not you believe in it. It does the job regardless.

-Ellen, NM

I have read the testimonials on the PEP and have one of my own that is nothing less than miraculous.
I have a testimony: I had a tooth pulled and it was very painful. My dentist went on a vacation and there I was with this terrible pain. Asprin did not help. First I tried a magnet and that did nothing. Then I placed the small Purple Plate on my cheek and the pain went away. I actually taped the Purple Plate on my cheek and kept it there night and day until my dentist came back. I was free of pain.

-Alice Girvin Oroville, CA

My sleep which had been affected by years of alcohol abuse is much better from the first day I received the plate and placed it under my pillow. Also the drinking water is smoother n sweet. Hydrating too. My sleep which had been affected by years of alcohol abuse is much better from the first day I received the plate and placed it under my pillow. Also the drinking water is smoother n sweet. Hydrating too. *I have a feeling of peace and better self control. * I've also noticed it brings out richness in taste of my milk in tea * Did a lemon test and the piece placed on the plate tasted milder/ easy on the tongue compared to the other piece. *Noticed a slight detox effect. PS. I've had my plate for about 1 week. Excited

-John W. -May 2022

I ordered purple plates and purple disks many years ago and about a yearafter I saw an ad in a swedish alternative magazine that I could buy it here inSweden. I wanted the large one, so I went to this guy who sold them and boughtone. But after a while I wasn't sure that I got a genuine purple plate. Why?The structure was odd - nearly cut myself on the edges, it didn't work and itdidn't have your trademark on it. It was a fake.I have been reading the testimonials and I'm not suprised of all the goodthings that people and animals have experienced! We ( users) try them for a lot of reasons and for many things. Thank you!-

-Tone Bergqvist, Sweden

I had hypoglycemia for over 15 years. I started wearing the 4 1/2 x 2 3/4 plate around my neck for two years and noticed one day that I did not get a headache when I missed eating lunch. That was amazing to me, because I always had to eat on time or I would have a headache for several days. My next experience was about coffee. I was very addicted to coffee and had to have a cup in the morning and one for lunch, or I would get a headache. I started to treat the coffee with the purple plate and I could drink less coffee with no problems. I have been a vegetarian for ten years. If I'd eat even a little meat I would get sick. Once I was sick for a week- very sick. That's when I decided I had to be a vegetarian, so I became a vegetarian. I am a dowser and I started asking questions and found out that I could eat meat if I treated it with the purple plate for at least a minute before I ate it. I prepared a leg of lamb for Easter and I ate it. No problem. I'm writing to let everyone know how wonderful the plates are, and how much they have helped me.
Thank you,

-Alice Girvin

I am a HUGE USER of Purple Positive Energy Plates. I have found anotherdimension using them. They have healed me, friends, family, and clients of1,000's of ailments. I believe I used one to save my dad's life who had aterrible heart for many years and lived to be 92. I literally have another lifein a vivid dream state produced by having a purple positive energy plate undermy mattress. I would NEVER SLEEP without one. I have them all over my house, mycar, my wallet, and in my Motor home. I swear by them. If you go to sleep on anempty stomach and sober, you will experience deep, restful sleep, vivid dreams,and longer, healthier life from the miracle of the Violet energy ! The purplepositive energy (Tesla) plates are the most incredible thing I have seen inthis life. I think they are what has made my life blessed, my mind clear, myconsciousness aware, my body healthy, and my attitude blessed and happy. Irecommend them to the ENTIRE PLANET.

-Farley M. Los Angeles, CA

Today, Thursday, a very friendly postman delivered the package. Thank youvery much! Also thank you for your beautiful card and best wishes. I am veryenthusiastic about the purple plates. I put my medicine, water, fruit, etc onit and it feels very good. One special thing I am very glad about: as soon as Idid put on my bracelet, the pain in that arm abated. Also I sleep much betternow and that's very pleasant. So I am very happy with the purple"miracle"! I am very curious about the experience of my cousin, whenhe will use them. Best wishes and good luck to you.With love,

-Anja Sneek from the Netherlands

I have owned a large and a small plate since 1994. I have found relief from minor aches, indigestion, also have felt re-energized after a tiring day. I have carried with me the smaller plate as I started a work day and felt more energy than usual throughout the day. I have used my plates to send positive energy to a person in distress by placing a picture or the negative on the plate, and definitely as suggested in Linda Goodman's book if the person is aware of what you are doing it has a more prompt, and effective.I have found that it can stimulate me too much if I try to sleep with it under my pillow, but I can put it under the mattress and was able to sleep well.I feel the plates have been very beneficial to me and would recommend them to anyone. I just placed an order for 6 small purple angels to give to my sisters and parents to carry with them at all times.Sincerely gratefull, M.

-Arantes.Miami , Fl.

"I have had my disk for about 15 years now, long before they were popular. I was a waitress in a restaurant and was going through a very tough divorce but I did not talk to my customers about my problems. A total stranger left me my purple disk as a tip one night with an explanation of what the disk was. I have worn the disk every day since except for when I had a surgery and was forbidden to wear it. The disk was placed on my neck when I was in the recovery room. Although I have never really found any website before today that told me about the disk, I have always believed that it has guided me to have a positive outlook on life and saved me from having a nervous breakdown , as I am a single parent who raised two daughters by myself and worked three jobs to do it. I have beat cancer in my uterus and the surgery that I had to undergo was a hysterectomy which had cancerous cells that were contained within. I feel that they were contained due to the disk. I still wear the disk because to remind me that a positive outlook and frame of mind is what guides me, and the rest will follow. If this letter can help change one persons life like the stranger who left me the disk has changed mine then I'll be glad that I took the time to write it. God Bless your company and may your work prosper and strengthen through the years.

-Tammye Buchinski

Gentle people: I acquired my first purple plate about a year ago. Since then I just had to buy some more! Although I am still experimenting - and probably will continue to do so for a long time - I would like to share some of my experiences with you. I have found out that no matter what kind of pain I suffer from, the purple plate works wonders.

Though I seldom remember my dreams, I very often wake up with bruises or blue spots. It is not rare for me to twist an ankle or a wrist or bend a knee during my sleep. In such cases, applying the purple plate does the trick almost in no time at all. Some weeks ago I burned my right pinkie with hot frying oil. Then I "sandwiched" it between two purple plates and after a good hour there was no trace of what was a really bad burn.

Once, while slicing vegetables, I cut my first finger deeply; I put it on the purple plate and after some 20 minutes the cut had disappeared. I should not have taken the finger off the plate so soon, because the cut opened again slightly, but healed faster than is otherwise normal for me. So, the next time I cut myself, I left the purple plate on the cut for 40 minutes and the cut was gone. Since then, I have learned to time the application of the purple plate according to the depth of the cut: my body requires about 20 minutes per 1 mm of cut. I have also found out that the sooner I use the purple plate after burning or cutting myself, the better it works. This is why I keep one in the kitchen. Another thing I know now, is that the purple plates only work on me when I place them directly on my skin.

This applies to headaches, backaches, stomach upsets, torticollis, stiff joints, cramps, cuts, burns, and anxiety. I see my dentist twice a year to have my teeth checked and cleaned. I also go to my pedicurist about every 6 weeks. Both used to make me acutely nervous. I can't stand the noise of the drill, and having to keep my mouth open and not being able to swallow panics me. My feet are so ticklish that the gentler she goes about her business, the less I can bear it. That belongs to the past now! All I have to do is sit down, hold a purple plate between the palms of my hands and let them do whatever has to be done. I still cherish the moment my dental hygienist asked me the first time I used the plate in this way, if I had taken a tranquilizer. My pedicurist reacted similarly, and when I told her about the purple plate, she wanted to have one too. She has had her plate for some 8 months and carried it in her uniform's pocket during work. She reports that she is able to cope much better and has more energy since she uses the plate regularly. Based on these experiences, I now use a purple plate whenever I need to keep extra calm and cool. When, for some reason, I cannot hold it between my hands (still the quickest way to relax) I place it on my solar plexus. The effect is very good but slower. The water in Effretikon, where I live, is very hard. Although people in Switzerland do not drink tap water, I cannot shake the habit. So one of the first trials I made was to place a pitcher with tap water on a purple plate. And just as described in the leaflet, the water does turn soft and tastes as if it came from a spring. But there is more to it, I find that it not only tastes great, but that it has diuretic properties. There is one thing that puzzles me: if I boil the "treated" water for coffee or tea, it seems to loose the "goodness". However, if I make tea or coffee with tap water and then place either the cup or pot on a purple plate for a few minutes, the "goodness" is there again. I wonder if there is an explanation for this and if other people have noticed this phenomenon? I also use the treated water for my plants, which act as if I had fertilized them generously; my 14 year-old cat whose disposition has improved; and my hair as a last rinse when I wash it, and I'm getting plenty of new hair. I have given purple plates to several friends and acquaintances. The feedback ranges from "incredible" and "fantastic" to "it doesn't work". In my opinion, every person reacts slightly different to the purple plates. This far, I have been unable to ascertain why this is so. But I think that "believing in the plate" is not instrumental. I have noticed that the persons who have returned the purple plate because it doesn't work for them are skinny. Of course this is not scientific evidence, especially because other skinny people, to whom I have given plates, would never part with them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. In the meantime I would like to thank you for the purple plates and wish you all the success you so well deserve.

-Anamaria Harris Bungertenstrasse Effretikon, Switzerland

Aloha and thank you, today the plates arrived. I had the smaller kind but these will do well for my plants. I had a plate and smaller disks for quite a few years. It helped me with an accident and at other times. When I moved in Honolulu from one apartment to another my disks and plate disappeared. I have an idea who took them but I had to clear my mind and let that go. Than I went on line and placed the order.
Thank you for sending them so fast, I am grateful.


"Some months ago I purchased your purple plates. One of my most significant experiences is that since becoming a diabetic my eyes have been very sensitive. They tire easily, are blurry, burn, and I generally have difficulty seeing. When this happens I lay down, close my eyes and place the plate over them. After about 15 minutes my eyes stop tearing, feel cooler and my vision returns even sharper than before. Also, I feel more energized. Thank you Purple plates!

-Jeanne Lackoff

"I have used the plates for years, and was glad to find your address again after losing it. I use the large plate under my plants and they grow like mad! The small disks I have used to alleviate the pain of Plantar Fascitis by taping them to my ankles. After all the medical and therapeutic treatments failed, I tried the disks and within a week I had relief and could walk the dog again. That's all the proof I need."

-Mrs. J. Haynes

Hello. I purchased one of your small disks on ebay some time ago and have just recently been able to use it. The results are remarkable. I was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration and I drank a big glass of water that had sat on the little disk for about 30 minutes. Then I put it in my pillowcase and took a short nap. I awoke feeling more energy and vigor than I can even remember. What an amazing product!
-Sharon T. Texas

I am writing to thank you for promoting such an amazing product! Recently I was being treated by a chiropractor 3-times a week for a sprained back. Prior to receiving the purple plates I was experiencing chronic pain every day. With the application of heat packs, adjustments, massage & walk-Fit orthoditics, I was slowly recovering. I am happy to report that as a result of sleeping with the energy plates and necklace that today I am no longer being treated by the chiropractor! I am pain free & I can walk without the aide of the orthodicts.My aunt Linda was recently diognosed with colon cancer, which required surgery.After I loaned her my plates she is healed from pain and home from the hospital in only 4 days.However she refuses to return my necklace.Thank you for offering an AMAZING product, it has saved so many lives around me.

-Ca'Brina Cooks Oceanside, Ca.

I wanted to share with you a way in which I have been using the purple plate discs lately. For brief periods of time, I place two on specific acupuncture points--one on the left side of the body, one on the right side. Sometimes it takes a bit of balancing to get them to stay put (for up to about 10 minutes at each spot). This has proved to have the effect of experiencing a mini-acupuncture session, it is quite powerful as an energy work session!I find it's not necessary to place them on the points for long periods of time. Also one could get creative, placing them inside socks (for the kidney points by the inside ankle area, kidney 3 and kidney 5), or under a hat (on the crown of the head).Love those discs!Aloha.....

-Diane M., Hawaii

" I had placed a small plate on the couch after using it for a headache. After returning to the couch I'd forgotten it was there until my cat got up sometime later and I saw that she'd been laying on the plate. After finding her on the plate again the next day I now leave it where its easily accessible for her to lay on. Without fail she returns to it time and again! "

-L. Costello

" I am an avid purple plate user and advocate of alternative and healing devices or techniques that can help better one's health through non-invasive means. Since I first learned of the purple plate six months ago, I have been using it wherever I go . Being that I live in a very stressful city with over 10 million people, New York City, I find that using the purple plate to help deal with the stress of the city , particularly the subways has helped me immensely. Typically, I will place the small purple plate in a shirt or pant pocket and within 1-2 hours I will feel a sense of elation or mild euphoria which is not only desirable but pleasurable and keeps me level-headed in difficult situations. Now that you have a little background on myself I would like to extend my gratitude to the creators of the Purple Plates."

-Eric Furst

I have been using purple plates since 1991. My old ones continue to work just as well after 14 years. At the time I bought my first plate I was suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy and atrial fibrillation. Unfortunately I was only 16 at the time and went through a year of devastating symptoms before I was diagnosed. The day that the purple plate arrived in my mailbox I was very skeptical about whether or not it would have any effect, however, the very moment I held it up to my chest, the heart arrhythmia returned to normal. Thinking this was just a coincidence I tried it again and experienced the same result. It proved equally effective at diminishing, and sometimes completely ending, my seizures. During the year I spent not knowing what was wrong with me, and receiving no help at that time from doctors, the purple plate was the only thing I had to relieve symptoms. In my own personal experience, the plate seems to work best on ailments that have some neurological origin, and with these it remains highly successful to this day.

M. Cooper, Akron, OH

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you caring help when I wrote to you Oct. 5th,
on my concern for two friends of mine who have major health issues. Your information was extremly helpful and I appreciate your communicating with me. I did my research for my two friends on the Purple Energy Plates and delivered the information to them both. My elder friend is now using her plate, and loves it! She has been sleeping better, as she is in constant pain and also suffers from sleep Apnea. The younger friend with the MS will soon be purchasing her plates. You mentioned a young woman there who has MS and uses her plates for her medications. Thank you for that.
We love our Purple Plates! Thank you once again Karina. I am very grateful to you and your website and most of all, to our dear friend, Mr. Nikola Tesla. God Bless you Sir...
Blessings and Love,

"Thank you so much, the order has arrived, delivered to my door. I have already started to see results. Thank you for a wonderful product. I am sure that when my friends hear about the plate and its work, they will want one and you will get more orders. Thanks,"

-Allan K.

"For months I was having much difficulty moving my neck to either side and could not comfortably sleep or drive well because of it. When a friend insisted I try a small plate pressed to the area that was bothering me, I was sceptical. I almost didn't want to admit it but after just a short time I was able once again to turn my head to both sides without the extreme pain I had been experiencing for so long. Since then the trouble has not returned. I was, and still am amazed. Thank you!"

-Lee LaPierre