To whom it may concern,

In 1999 our founder, poet, author, psychic medium, and entrepreneur Corrine De Winter wrote an article that would soon be published in the August, 2000 issue of Fate magazine.

As many of you may know, Fate magazine is the longest-running magazine (founded in 1948) devoted exclusively to the paranormal. Corrine, a long-established writer had been a regular contributor to Fate for years, but this particular contribution would signify an important turning point in her career as a writer and entrepreneur.

The story, "The Magic of the Purple Plates", based on hours of exhaustive research, and the writings of Linda Goodman (author of "Star Signs", as well as many other new age books) would cause a flurry of interest in Fate's readership.

So much so, that Ms. De Winter received a deluge of letters requesting more information on the Purple Plates and where they could be purchased.

At first, she directed these inquiries to a distributor of new age products. Unfortunately, this company would soon go out of business, but the letters of inquiry kept coming. Sensing a unique opportunity, Corrine, after further exhaustive research on the "recipe" for Purple Plates, made the bold decision to create them herself.

The plates are constructed from a particular, high grade, high purity aluminum. They are then anodized/electroplated, and finally "charged" in an audio-vibratory chamber. The research and development of the plates was done under the consultation of audio engineers, holistic doctors, and experts in the field of metallurgy. At some point in her research, Corrine had the incredibly good fortune to contact former associates of the plate's original creator and inventor, Ralph Bergstresser. It was through these contacts that she was able to "fine tune" the charging process. In the end creating a product that is not only every bit as genuine as the original Bergstresser plates, but with the design of our unique audio-vibratory chamber was able to improve upon the plate's ability to hold a superior energy charge. was established, and went online in 2002, and in the two plus decades since, we have sold thousands upon thousands of purple plates, purple disks and other related products. We have, in that time received thousands of positive testimonials from many of our satisfied customers. 

Like any other business, we have competitors. Sometimes competition in business can be fierce, and create situations as a result of false claims, either negative, or positive. This business is no different. Rest assured, the products that we offer are genuine purple plates, manufactured to the highest quality standards. We stand by our products, and always have. We have offered a money back guarantee, since we sold our very first plate over twenty years ago and will honor that guarantee for as long as we continue in business. We also strive to improve our products to meet the needs of our thousands and thousands of our satisfied customers. 

Thank you for your time.
 James Henry, Administrator of Manufacturing and Distribution.